Monday, December 20, 2010

Davin's Christmas progam

Davin's school performed an original play written by his teacher for the holidays. He played an 8-year-old boy (what a stretch...) in a play about a family who gave up their personal celebration to help make the holidays better for active duty military in their community. Scenes were punctuated by caroling sung by the smaller kids. To kick of the event we had music from the guitar students and a lone xylophonist.

1. The entire cast sings a final number. 2. Joshua sets up the video camera, preshow. 3. Davin takes his place for the first scene.

4. Playing Jingle Bells and I think of Schroeder. 5. Sheet music sits ready for the show. 6. Davin's guitar group does a last-minute rehearsal of their most difficult piece.

7. The Christmas programs. 8. The guitar sequence. 9. Students playing members of the military perform a patriotic song and dance.

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