Friday, January 21, 2011

Get your Group-on

Do you already know about I'm not a big coupon clipper myself, but I actually love this site. It has a daily deal offering 50% or more off select items or services at local businesses. Every day I get an e-mail from Groupon with the daily Anchorage deal, but it's available in many other cities. Since joining in December I have snapped up two amazing deals:
  1. 75% off a $500 wine making and bottling party at Denali Winery, a gift for my husband for Christmas. We're going to bottle our own wine with our friends Meghan and Joel, who split the Groupon with us. So basically we're going to bottle 20-24 bottles of custom wine with our friends for only $60 a couple. We couldn't buy that much wine for that price.
  2. Half price tickets to the Broadway musical "Avenue Q!" When it was announced that "Avenue Q" was coming to Anchorage, I told Josh, if we went to just one show this year, that was the one I wanted to see. It's like Seasame Street for grownups with plenty of tongue-in-cheek humor, including songs such as "What You Do with a B.A. in English," and "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist." I'm so excited to see it Tuesday at the opera house.
While more often than not the deals are things I don't need or necessarily want, it's worth getting that daily e-mail to find out I can do  things I've been hoping to budget in for half price or less. Plus, I'm finding out about a lot of local businesses that I haven't visited in my community and I'm all about keeping it local.

If you haven't signed up for Groupon and are thinking about it, please use my referral link which give me a $10 Groupon credit and more local business love!

Thanks and happy Friday!


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