Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reflecting on a decade

I love, love, love the opportunities landmarks in time provide the media for reflective discussions and top 10 lists. So as we look back on the nameless first decade of the new millennium, I can't get enough of the media frenzy that is the Decade in Review.

So far, my favorite is Newsweek 2010 an entire mini-site dedicated to reflective slide-shows, top tens and essays. The best part is they asked newsmakers in various fields to contribute. Blurbs for top 10 lists such as Most Important Dates, Accidental Celebrities and Internet Memes are written by people who played key roles in the news. It covers topics from 9/11 to LOLCats. Here are a few:
So take a moment (or several hours) of web wandering and enjoy the chance to reflect on the decade.

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