Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ladies Night at the pottery studio

Monday nights are Ladies Night at Color Me Mine for the month of February with half-price studio fees for ladies. So a couple girlfriends and I went last night to glaze our own pottery at the studio by the ice rink in Dimond Center Mall. 

In case you've never tried it, you select a pre-made piece of unfinished pottery and glaze it yourself. Then the studio fires it in a kiln and calls 8-10 days later when it's ready to pick up. Semi-handmade ceramics.

There is a small session fee, $8 for adults here before the ladies night discount, and for the piece of pottery itself. The larger the piece, the more expensive. The session fee helps cover the cost of glaze and the staff members who help you with technique, pouring glaze and generally running around cleaning up after everyone. The girl on duty Monday night was working her booty off to assist and guide a packed studio. She said it was unusually busy.

There are tutorial books, stencils, stamps and sponges to help achieve desired results. The whole experience reminded me a lot of ceramics class in high school, minus the clay mess and worry that your pot would blow up in the kiln and ruin everyone's teenage masterpieces.

I had only been to a potter glazing studio like this once before on a day-of-fun planned by my best friend when I turned 19.
My shell-shaped bowl, glazed and ready to be fired. The colors should be a dark plum and midnight blue. The inside is a speckled plum glaze.
A cupcake cookie jar my friend Tristan is making for her nearly year-old daughter's room to store.
This girl was amazing running the show Monday night. She could multitask like nobody's business.
Glaze selection.
A glimpse at the pottery selection.
Tiled sign on the wall showcasing a few of the glaze techniques.

It was a fun night and I'm excited to see how our projects turn out. I didn't get any pictures of it, but my friend Kim is working on a tile series. Last night she worked on a "Z" tile for their last name initial and she plans to come back to make hand print tiles of her four kids. Amazing idea.

It was a fun wintertime diversion and great creative release.

Pottery could make great home decor, custom gifts and, gentlemen, my friends and I decided you could definately wow a girl by taking her to a pottery session date. Check Color Me Mine's website for theme nights and events. Also, ask about their military discount.

Have you ever done a pottery studio session?


  1. This looks so fun, what a great idea!! There is a place here where you drink wine and paint, I want to do it. What a fabulous price too, I bet we have something like this in Dallas. I just need to find it!

  2. Ooh, I want to go to a studio where you can drink wine and paint. That pretty much sounds like the best.


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