Sunday, May 4, 2008

Evergreeners take Idaho

Back in January the head designer at the Statesman asked all the other designers to pick out some of their best stuff from 2007 to enter into the Idaho Press Club contest. They said they'd pick the best and enter them.

About a month ago a list with names of winners circulated the office. It just listed who won awards, but no specifics. "That's how they get you to show up," our editor said. My name was on the list. Maybe I got an honerable mention ...

Last night was the Idaho Press Club's annual banquet. When it came to announce the page design winners they announced in reverse order:

  • 3rd Krysten Bullock - Idaho Press-Tribune - "Dreams do come true; Idaho highway crisis; Cold case"
  • 2nd Joilene Topete - Idaho Statesman - "Will eco-city be enough; Men's room arrest reopens questions about Craig; Public Transportation" (Joi is the other page one designer.)
At this point I thought, "well maybe I won something in another category." Then they announced:

1st Annette Ticknor - Idaho Statesman - "Meth: a women's drug; I am proud of my record; Should campaign donations pay for his defense?"

I was very surprised. I am so honored.

These are two of the three pages I won for:
I don't have digital copy of the other.Also, noteworthy:
  • One of the old reporters, Jon Meyer, from the Evergreen won 2nd for Rookie journalist of the year for his work at the Idaho Press Tribune in Nampa.
  • Dan Thompson, another former Evergreener who now works at the Idaho State Journal in Pocatello won 1st place in sports feature stories.
  • The Idaho Statesman won newspaper of the year and also took home the most awards from the banquet.

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  1. Wow, congratulations, Annie! You've conquered Idaho - time to take on the rest of the world.


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