Sunday, August 10, 2008

what's in your junk drawer?

I save ... everything.

This is part sentiment, part practical: What if I need it again? What if I want to look at it someday?

Someone asked me recently if I have a junk drawer. You know, the drawer with random receipts, a pair of scissors and other misc. stuff that has no proper place.

I responded that every drawer I own is a junk drawer.

But every once in a while I get in the mood for organizing. Kind of spring cleaning. Today is one of those days. In my sorting, organizing and tossing of old bank statements I found some interesting things.

Here's laundry list of the most interesting:
  • $30 Olive Garden gift card. I called the 1-800 number for the balance: 30 bucks, baby!
  • My head shot and script from the Vagina Monologues. A notebook where I copied my monologue about a thousand times to memorize it.
  • The Washington State Magazine with my stories published in it.
  • Many notebooks including reporter notes from my very first published story: A yearbook profile on the lead actor in Equus. He did a 20-minute scene in the nude.
  • Notes from the Evergreen staff's MiX predictions for spring 2007 (Note: expect a follow-up post on this one.)
  • A Barbie birthday card with a "License for Fun" for the "State of Happiness." (Kristen and Katie).
  • A picture from Rancho Vallejo in which I'm wearing the giant sombrero on my 21st.
  • The results from the drug test for my current employment.
  • A doctor's note that said I was essentially blind and should be excused from any visual activity.
  • A thank you letter from E-Flo to the Ev editorial board.
  • "Most likely to return as adviser" award for the Evergreen.
  • Countless Evergreen budgets.
  • A keychain phono of my friend Katie and I on the NYNY rollercoaster in Vegas.
  • Staff nametags for the Spokesman and the Tri-City Herald.
  • Two Red Cross certification cards.
  • A photo copied version of 'The Elements of Graphic Design."
  • My Fred Meyer rewards card (I've been looking for this.)
  • The warranty for my Les Schwab tires. File that.
  • Numerous electronic manuals including the one for my first cell phone and the one for a camera that is permanently out of commission. So glad I saved those ...

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