Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Move over, Sarah Palin

I'm moving to Anchorage, Alaska. I gave my notice to the Statesman on Monday.

I met the love of my life this summer, Joshua Potter. Shortly after he moved to Anchorage for a promotion. He is the area sales manager for all the Journeys stores in Alaska.

After some searching, I have decided I will be a more attractive candidate to employers in a troubled economy if I don't require plane tickets for interviews and extra time for relocation.

The people at the Statesman have said some very kind words of encouragement to me. This is the e-mail my executive editor sent out to the newsroom announcing my departure:

It is with very mixed emotions that I announce the departure of Annette Ticknor. I am happy for her personally because she is following her heart, but I am very sad that we will be losing such a talented designer.

Annette has decided to join her significant other, Joshua Potter in Anchorage, Alaska, in time for the holiday season. Her last day will be November 5; she graciously agreed to help us out through the general election, although her apartment lease is up at the end of the month. (We all may need to come up with places for her to sleep those extra few days!)

Annette came here right after her graduation from Washington State in June 2007 as the Page One designer. She is a talented and quick learner who helped us make the move to more alternative story forms. She’s able to scramble on deadline with the best, as well as push the quality of the design on our weekend efforts. She’s been the lead Sunday Page One designer during her time here. Annette helped us with the design of lots of big stories, including the Larry Craig saga, and she has helped our design staff win awards, including first place for design in the last Press Club contest. Annette also stepped up and got involved in our Innovation Process.

Annette tried to find a job in Anchorage before moving and has several possibilities in the works, but she decided to go ahead and move there because she believes she will be a more attractive candidate to employers in a troubled economy if she’s right there in their backyard. I reluctantly agree with her.

Please join me in wishing Annette all the best in the next chapter of her life.

Thank you to all my friends, family and colleagues who are supporting me in making this leap. I am very excited for adventures to come and will keep posting.

Besides, now I'll be able to to put foreign policy experience on my resume because of Alaska's proximity to Russia ...


  1. Wow! I'm sure it will be an adventure. Best of luck to you!!!!!

  2. HOLY COW!

    Good luck! (You must post a picture or said beaux)


  3. Good luck! Perhaps we'll have to visit you now!

  4. Good for you for following your heart!! So many people don't...
    Good luck in Alaska - it does sort of feel like a foreign country, and it IS so close to Russia, after all.


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