Monday, December 22, 2008

Sold out: Christmas trees in Anchorage

Call it waiting to the last minute, but Joshua and I went Christmas tree shopping yesterday. We were waiting for Davin to arrive, but snowy weather cancelled his fight again yesterday. The soonest they could rebook his flight is for Christmas day. It changes our plans for Christmas Eve and morning, but at least he will get here ... hopefully.

So after work yesterday, we set out to find ourselves a tree. Having seen no tree lots, we drove to Fred Meyer to check out the non-live selection. Everything was in the $200+ range, and totally out of the budget. So we asked a clerk were the tree lots were and she said to check with Lowes.

We drove to Lowes and they had no live trees. We asked where we could find one. A Lowes employee told us to go to "Minnesota Bob's" next to Fred Meyer. While expaining that we had just come from Fred Meyer a women walked up and interrupted.

She said "Minnisota Bob's" is out.

"The only place with trees left is Bell's Nursury and they are going fast. And they're NOT cheap," she warned us with what seemed like an unneccesary urgency in her voice.

So we found Bell's Nursury. Cars leaving the parking lot with no trees seemed like a bad sign. We got inside and a woman was sweeping up pine needles in an empty greenhouse. There were no trees left.

We went to four stores looking for fake trees. Everyone was out. Alaska is sold out of Christmas trees.

I finally resigned myself to the fact that our presents might just have to pile up in our living room Christmas day.

But today I decided to check one last place -- maybe I could just find one of those baby, table-top trees. Target came through for me, there was a small selection left and I found one that's 6 feet tall and it was on sale too.

Next year we might just go chop one down ourselves.

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