Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The balancing act

In my new job as layout coordinator, I figure out how many pages should be in the newspaper. This means making sure there are new requirements are met without stretching the ads so thin the newspaper costs more than it brings in.

So it's a fine balancing act and quite a bit of elementary math to determine percentages, factor house ads and make sure there are enough color spots for all the full process ads.

In the various newsrooms I have worked, we talked a lot about solving the profit riddle. In my new position I feel like I'm weighing the odds on a daily basis.

I'm anxiously waiting to hear how individual papers, mine included, decide how to conform with McClatchy's latest announcement to restructure.

SIDE NOTE: The Iditarod teams ran right by my apartment complex last weekend. They literally shut down the only entrance to parking lot for it. I'll have pictures posted soon. They and my camera are attending a work conference with Joshua in Nashville.

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