Thursday, October 1, 2009

Showing off

September was a busy month for me at work. Here's a few links to interactive PDFs of my projects.

Alaska Pulse, a re-invention of the ADN's Healthy Living and Health and Fitness tabs.

Classified's employment team puts on a semi-annual Job Fair and I designed the promotional tab.

And the 2009 Best of Alaska voted by Anchorage Daily News readers.


  1. nice! i keep telling myself i need to learn to make schwoopies in illustrator. also, it seems like you're under different design parameters at the new pap. am i wrong?

  2. I must be old, because I don't understand your hip college lingo. In old-woman, please?

    Apparently I've been away fro the Ev far too long.

  3. haha. no i meant i keep meaning to make like swirly, crazy lines.

    next, it seems like you're under a different design system/rules/thingy. i only asked cause the way i was taught design was basically yours. so just curious!

  4. Well, I'm special sections, so it's essentially magazine design ... which is pretty different than newspaper design, yes. But I still try to keep with the basics of design: No more than two fonts, consistency throughout a publication, measure those picas, no more than three kerns, have a dominant photo, etc.


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