Sunday, December 6, 2009

They don't fly Charlie Brown Christmas trees to the Last Frontier

This year I wasn't going to let Alaska's limited supply of Christmas trees best me. We set out Friday night to Minnesota Bob's Christmas tree lot to find the perfect evergreen. While it's off the corner of Minnesota Drive, the lot is actually named for the origin of the trees. You can imagine prices with that kind of travel. But we were still able to find a winner. The kittens were very interested in their new toy. I will probably spend weeks trying to work the sap out of their fur.

Getting the ornaments ready to go while Joshua and I light the tree.

Putting the new LED, environmentally- (and power bill-) friendly, lights up.

Davin puts the star on top. This reminds me of fighting with my brother over whose turn it is to put the topper on our family tree as kids.

The final product after an evening of "It's a Charlie Brown Christmas" soundtrack inspired decorating.

1 comment:

  1. I doubt I looked that good after traveling all the way from Minnesota to Anchorage. Must be the beautiful decorations.


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