Sunday, March 21, 2010

Invitation party

Alisa, Kyra, Brielle and my friend Meghan (not shown) helped me stuff and stamp wedding invitations. I bribed them in margaritas and wine. Thanks ladies!


  1. looks fun!

    i really need to suck it up and make graduation invitations.

    where are you printing yours

  2. I did them myself on my Canon inkjet. You can buy some pretty snazzy wedding invite kits at Target, Michaels and other similar stores.

    Also, check out Costco. They one-sheeter photo announcements of all kinds for great prices. I'm planning post-wedding photo thank you notes that route.

    I'm always up for designing cards and announcements of any kind. Let me know if you want help! My graduation announcement had a collage of my best Evergreen designs on the cover. Those I designed, PDF-ed and had printed at Kinkos.

  3. Sounds snazzy. I'm just gonna do mine simple in WSU crimson and gray, with a little bit of gradients (the new thing I'm trying to get good at), and maybe a vector grad cap.

    Probably some script font.
    I'm gonna post it on my blog for feedback once I finish it.

    My plan was to print them on fancy paper at Cougar Copies. my family is pretty ghetto, so ....

    thanks for the help, tho!


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