Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer evenings in Anchorage

We took a walk on Chester Creek trail to the bookstore Monday night and it was lush and green. We could smell the campfire smoke from the homeless camps hidden behind the trees by those live in the woods in tents during the summer. Despite the fact, it was a really nice evening for a walk.
This funny grass makes the woods look all floaty and fairy-like. Something you might see in a movie.
Joshua snagged some sweet-smelling lilacs for me. I made a bouquet with these and leftover greens from the wedding when we arrived home.
These baseball fields narrate the soundtrack to my summer. Announcers, cheering fans, music, and the occasional plink of a bat hitting a ball, waft across the street, into the open windows of my apartment each evening. This is just a small game, but the big league field and stands are in the background where the big speakers amplify everything.

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