Sunday, August 28, 2011

A hipstamatic fair time

I realized on the way to the Alaska State Fair yesterday that I had forgotten to put the Scandisk back in my point and shoot. So I decided to document our day at the fair with the Hisptamatic app on my iPhone. Hipstamatic is kind of one of those guilty pleasure things that I hate to admit I like. Like the Kardashians and Katy Perry. The photos look cool. In fact I got far more comments on one of these pics on Facebook mobile upload than expected. But I prefer a truer image. I wouldn't submit it to the Pulitzer committee of anything ... But it did make a fun set of pics to remember our day.

 Davin and his best buddy.
 The rat race.
 Award winning giant cabbage.
 To the birds.
 Cotton candy.
 The masses.
 It was windy and chilly, but my Alaska jacket from Homer kept me warm.
One non Hipstamatic for the mix, the kids while by on the highest part of this ride.

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