Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A funny thing actually happened on the way to the opera

Joshua and I got a great deal on Opera tickets and invitations to the Anchorage Opera's season opener after party, so we got dressed up and went. Walking to the restaurant downtown for dinner before the show a yellow car honked at us while we were in the crosswalk. I jumped and glared at the driver, before realizing they weren't being rude but trying to get my attention. It was my coworker Nadya with her friend at the wheel, also on their way to dinner before heading to the show. So we decided to join forces and share wine and laughs at Ginger. She was even kind enough to share her pictures from the evening with us since my camera would not fit in my tiny dress-up purse. Can you spot us in the atrium of the opera house above?
Photos courtesy of Nadya Gilmore.

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