Monday, November 22, 2010

Hello SLR, it's about time we become friends

A few days early, we found my birthday gift on Craislist today. A 2006 Nikon D50, barely used. The guy I purchased it from said he bought it on impulse and hardly used it. I've been wanting an SLR for quite some time, but couldn't bring myself to drop the cash on a brand new one until I know my way around the SLR world a little better. We got an amazing deal on it. I made my cats model for my first click around the house with my new toy. I have a rudimentary knowledge of how to work this thing, but really have a lot to learn. Can't wait.

Expect more frequent blogging, my friends.

Also, with the major ice storm in Alaska and all the snow in the Northwest, drive safe out there.

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