Monday, January 10, 2011

Media Monday: Wikipedia turns 10 this weekend

Is that right? Wow. I can remember when Wikipedia was blacklisted as a resource for anything academic. In the site's infancy, it was known among my college professors as the place to get wrong information.

Now it's my first stop for researching pretty much anything I want to know a little more about. I wouldn't say I'd source Wikipedia in an article or essay, but I might use the resource for background information and it's source list for an indication of where to look next.

But mostly I use it to find out more about things I see and hear about and want to know more about. Why did "Studio 60 on Sunset Strip" get canceled? Why are the Kardashians famous? What is the world's largest cut diamond? (A question we had in our daily "Fact or Crap" trivia game at work. I looked it up for more information after we found out the answer.)

Here's an NPR story on Wikipedia's goals and plans as online giant becomes a tween.

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