Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Avenue Q: A show that didn't dare disappoint

"Avenue Q" was a blast last week, I have to say the show completely lived up to my expectations. Isn't that refreshing? It was crass, hilarious and very well done.

I hadn't meant to wait so long to post, but I had an Internet free weekend while moving to our fabulous new Spenard duplex. We're finally getting settled in, and the cable folks are coming tomorrow night to activate the internet connection. Until then, I'm on borrowed digital waves.

The spoof of Sesame Street, billed as "muppets for adults" is a story about adapting to adulthood and realizing childhood promises such as "you are special" and "you can do anything you want when you grow up" aren't necessarily as cut and dry as they sound. The talent was extraordinary, especially the female lead, who sings for both female puppets, Kate Monster and Lucy the Slut.

While the comedy was a little risque, I would say I didn't see anything more shocking than what you might see in an episode of Family Guy. But the couple behind us who left before intermission might not have agreed.

Sitting in the audience before curtain.
It's exciting to finally live in a city that brings in major Broadway touring shows. Not to sound lame, but my heart just swells to see live performers lighting up the stage after my theater experience growing up and in college. This is my fourth Broadway or Off-Broadway viewing experience, I've seen "Chicago" in Spokane, "Spring Awakening" in New York, "The Lion King" here in Anchorage and now "Avenue Q." I look forward to seeing what else makes it up to the 49th state.

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