Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alaska SeaLife Center

The Alaska SeaLife Center was the highlight of our trip to Seward last weekend. It's no Sea World, but it is the only aquarium in Alaska, and it packs a lot in a small space including a huge puffin exhibit, and both underwater and above ground viewing of stellar sea lions, seals and more. I especially enjoyed watching the kids as the stellar sea lion continuously looped by the main display window like the photo of Isabelle above. Although they also seemed to enjoy the hands on pool station where you could gently touch starfish, sea anemones, hermit crab and other underwater critters.

At first I wondered why they were selling finger paintings in the main lobby, but after taking a moment to read the sign, I realized these are no ordinary paintings. The artists are residents of the sealife center: puffins and sea mammals. All the proceeds go to animal conservation and supporting the SeaLife Center.

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