Friday, March 11, 2011

My mind is on Japan and not Friday Fun today

In lieu of a Friday Fun post I'm thinking positive thoughts for the the people affected by the earthquake in Japan and subsequent tsunamis. Especially for my former Daily Evergreen newspaper cronies, who currently reside in Japan. Thanks goodness for Facebook and being the good journalists they are, I've seen posts from both of them letting friends and family know that they are OK, but definitely feeling the tremors.

Above I've posted the USGS earthquake map. This is a really cool interactive map where you can see recent earthquakes in depth and magnitude. Check it out here. I know I'm always visiting this site when we feel Alaskan tremors.

I checked out newseum too, to see which of the West coast papers caught the news before deadline last night. The ADN stripped a story down the left column of the paper that landed on my doorstep this morning. This Hawaii paper stuck out to me:
Have a wonderful weekend with good thoughts and prayers for those in Japan and people affected by the aftershocks and tsunamis worldwide.

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