Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Fun: Weddings current and past

 My amazing friends Meghan and Joel had the most beautiful wedding weekend before last and I got the lucky job of photographing the day. I posted some of my favortite shots on my professional site:

This has been a very sentimental week for me between immersing myself in editing the photos I shot recently and thinking back to my wedding this time last year. All week we were saying, "this time last year ..."

ON MONDAY: We reminisced about pizza with our first visitors at Moose's Tooth.
ON TUESDAY: A king crab feast at the house after a day of wedding DIY details. Including those darn pocket squared that were hidden in my apartment two hours away on the big day.
ON WEDNESDAY: The Portage Glacier Cruise with our bridal parties, meeting Beardsley McGlacierface (name changed to procect the innocent) and my wonderful night out with my girls. The arrival of "Katherine."
THURSDAY: The hottest day since I moved to Alaska, a two-cart Costco adventure, a dinner party at the Hamiltons', and Josh hi-jacking his own bachelor party for a poker night at home, while I packed bags and printed beautiful schedules at 1 a.m. that never made it to the wedding.
FRIDAY: Frantically trying to figure out how to fit a little more in all the parents' and friends' cars before trekking up to Cooper Landing for the happiest weekend ever.

Everything that comes after is pretty spectacular too. This weekend we're packing our backs for weekend getaway to celebrate a wonderful first year and toast years to come.

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