Monday, May 2, 2011

Media Monday: bin Laden front pages

I love taking a moment to peruse Newseum on a big day in news like today. It's always interesting to see what kind of choices editors and designers made on deadline. Last night I was picturing headlines as I watched the cable new networks try to fill the minutes at 1 a.m. EST. I prefer headlines that focus on reaction and project the story forward, instead of just stating the fact that he's dead. But those were far and few between today. And really we probably didn't have the stories written to support a headline like that. Tomorrow with tell more.

Any that used "justice" were nice as that seems to be the catchword of the day after the President used it in his speech:

Some fronts were simply shocking:


  1. I am not allowed to give my opinions on what happened. Free speech stops when you are married to the military. HOWEVER I can comment on the papers with shocking front pagers. WTH I have a child who is reading now and I dont want to be in the grocery store and have him read this to his sisters. We handled this in our own environment explaining to the best of our ability. I am shocked someone didnt put a "what he may look like dead." picture on the cover.

  2. BHW,

    The fronts with the most inflammatory headlines are more sensational newspapers than those of the mainstream media. Some editorialized in a big way. I looked up bin Laden's family history and editors weren't using the word bastard in the "unmarried parents" sense of the word...

    Also, did you see the story covering the discussion whether they release images from raid?


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