Friday, June 3, 2011

Halibut fishing in Homer

Happy Friday everyone! I wish I had as amazing plans for this weekend as I did for Memorial Day. For our anniversary gift to each other, Josh and I went on a half-day halibut fishing charter in Homer, the halibut-fishing capital of the world.

We got a little sea-sick on those wild ocean waves, but still managed to both catch our limit, two halibut each. I actually pulled three, but threw the first one back in hopes of a bigger one. It was amazing. It seemed like every time I dropped my line I was reeling it back up with something heavy at the end of my line.

My bait was stolen many times, but the amazing charter crew were quick to re-bait our hooks. In fact, they did most the work, from finding a great fishing spot, giving a quick lesson on catching halibut to baiting our hooks and cleaning our catch! It was pretty cool to get all the fun of fishing without the work of gutting and cleaning them. Not to mention I would have a clue where to start filleting one of those big, sideways fish. There was an amazing young women on the crew that probably blew some stereotypes about seasonal fishing workers, but you wouldn't doubt her skills if you saw her wrangle those fish or wield a knife.

We took home 17.3 lbs. of fillet halibut, ready for summer grilling and much more!

See that pole bend? Those babies were heavy ... plus they had two-pound weights on our lines to boot.

Got one!

Trophy shot.
The day's catch.
Charter Captain Josh is doing his last summer after six years of seasonal charter work. He just graduated with a degree in nautical engineering with which he hopes to design boats.

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