Friday, September 2, 2011

Thunderbird Falls

I've driven past the exit for Thunderbird Falls pretty much four times a week for the last two years. Despite the sage advise from my grandmother to go there, we didn't make the trip until last weekend. I figured if my friend's willful three-year-old could do the hike it would be super easy and flat. So the first big hill surprised me, but it wasn't bad after that. The 20 minute drive northwest of Anchorage on the Glenn Highway is totally worth the crashing sound and refreshing view of the 200 foot falls. There is an upper viewing point and a short trail to stand near the bottom of the falls where I could actually feel the mist. It was a great afternoon trip that took us on to an Eklutna adventure. More on that later.

Word is the falls freeze in the winter creating beautiful nature-made ice sculptures. Perhaps we'll have to venture back for a cold weather hike in a few months.

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