Monday, April 28, 2008

Good luck, my friends

I just realized what time of year it is.

Today, I walked all over downtown with an iced vanilla latte and for the first time in months the sun felt hot.

But it's not the weather that struck me. It's the fact that one year ago my last Evergreen printed. I was days from graduating college.

When I got home from work tonight, I sat down at my computer and read the graduating Evergreener's senior columns. Just 366 days ago I was putting the finishing touches on mine:

Dear reader, I saw you.

I was there when you picked up the Evergreen and sat down at a table with your latte. I noticed when you scanned the headlines on the front, maybe took a peek at the weather, and then flipped straight to the horoscope and crossword.

Thanks a lot.

I was going to write a column to thank all the incredible people who encouraged and challenged me during my five years here – but I don’t have space for that. So I simply want to thank those I owe the most gratitude to as a student journalist.

It’s you, reader.


When you went straight to the crossword, you humbled me. I spent hours on that paper. read the full column.

It's hard to believe that was a full year ago. Sometimes when I meet new people I still tell them I "just" moved to Boise. I "just" graduated college. Kind of shifts my perspective a little.

Good luck to all my graduating friends. Give 'em hell.

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