Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My friend Leo D

By some wierd twist of fate I've ended up on the official celebrity-fan-club-charity mailing list*. In the last week I've recieved a plethora of mailings vying for my disposable income**: Amnesty International, The Smile Train, Environmental Defense Action Fund and even Leonardo DiCaprio's Polar Bear SOS. (Note letter above begins "Dear Friend.")

*Don't ever expect me to write about celebrities again. You will probably be disappointed. I inwardly - and often outwardly - cringe when I have to read the "people" briefs for the paper, and they pay me to do that.

**Someone should tell these people I don't have any disposable income. My roommate (who subscribes to US Weekly) was especially taken with my letter from Leo. (That should be a band name, Letter from Leo).

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