Saturday, May 3, 2008

Oh so modern.

Thursday is my "day" shift. I went to see Modern Art at the Modern Hotel. It's this old '60s style hotel, which has recently be revamped into a hotspot with flatscreen TVs and iPod docks in every brightly-painted, paper-lamp lit room. The bar is also kind of a hipstery hang out.

For Thursday only local artists converted every room into a different art exhibit. I went expecting a very niche crowd. It turns out everyone in Boise and their editor went. Including mine. I ran into about six other co-workers and a former co-worker who was laid off earlier this year. Small world.

Some highlights:
  • The Boise State University metal arts club covered everything in one room with aluminium foil. Even the phone.
  • A photographer was asking everyone to lay or sit on the bed in his room and prentend to talk on the phone for a portrait. They promised to e-mail your pic to you. They also reassured everyone the photos won't end up on the Internet. My hotmail still hasn't seen a picture yet ...
  • A woman showing her statue of the Liberty doing a roundhouse kick was offering everyone who visited "Libertinies."
  • A painter was showing exqusite scenic paintings with random cars, traffic cones and other urban life juxtaposed.
  • Performance artists in one room acted as if no one else was there and went about making food, frosting a giant cake bright pink, etc.

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