Sunday, June 22, 2008

hat's off to Larry the paginator

Yesterday was our summer newsroom party. It was odd to be having a party just days after our parent company announced layoffs of 10 percent of the workforce.

In case you're wondering what the story is with my paper, here's what's out there:
  • Layoffs include 14 people. None of them were from the newsroom.
  • In January we will begin printing at the Idaho Press Tribune's site in Nampa, ID. The IPT is owned by Pioneer Newspapers. The Bellingham Herald is doing something similar with another Pioneer newspaper.
  • When that change occurs about 20 jobs will be cut in the production department, but some will be hired at the Nampa press.
  • We closed three more vacant positions in the newsroom.
Although the people losing jobs here don't work in the newsroom, I work with a couple of them on a daily basis. They will be sorely missed. Especially Larry, the paginator who never fails to answer the phone with a cheery "heeeey, buddy!" Even when we are passed deadline and sending him a billion pages to paginate at once. He and the others will work their last day Friday.

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