Monday, June 2, 2008

religion for sale and the new man in my life

Yes, there's a new man in my life.

His name is Mr. Coffee. We met in the kitchen appliance section at Target today. I think we'll have many happy mornings together. He's my first espresso machine.

In a very sad way my little four-cup coffee pot died over the last week and a half. The green switch flickered a few times and finally it brewed it's last pot late last week. This coffee maker went to college with me, interned at the Tri-City Herald with me and even moved to Idaho with me. I can't count how many kitchen counters in two dorms and several apartments it sat and perked away. Today I took it out to the dumpster. Sad day.

I browsed through the dished and picked up a pretty little bowl to see what it was made of. As I lifted it I say a piece of paper ... no business card underneath it in the next dish.

It had a bible verse on it. It appears someone has been hiding religious messages for unsuspecting shoppers. I imagine some evangelical Christian hoping someone will show up at their church saying: "I was looking at dishes at Target and there it was. It must have been a sign from God."

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