Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sasquatch roundup

OK, a good four days after returning from Sasquatch here are some pictures:

As far as the music. There was so much good stuff I can't even delve into it all. So here's the highlights.
Most pleased to see: Okkervil River because it reminded me of good times with the Evergreeners.
Best surprise: Rodrigo y Gabriella. Two acoustic guitarists from Mexico that sound like a full band. Best musicians I saw all weekend, by far.
Strangest: Flaming Lips. The lead showed up in a light fixture shaped like a UFO and crowd surfed in a bubble. There were about 20-30 dancing telly-tubbies (cq?) on either side of the stage and one song featured dancing naked women in the background ... He ended the show playing Taps on the bugle.

Best quote of the weekend from Beirut: "Anyone from New Mexico in the audience? ... We're all over the place. We're like the new Irish."

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