Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For a moment, a room full of journalists was silent

Yesterday was a somber day at the Statesman. McClatchy announced a company restructuring and 10 percent reduction in workforce. The Statesman cut 15 jobs -- six in the newsroom.

Editor Vicki Gowler's voice shook as she said the newsroom could not afford to lose a single one of those six reporters and editors.

My heart goes out to my friend in sports, Tom Fox, who I worked with at two separate newspapers; Lisa Corsi, a fellow copy editor on the news desk; Jeanne Huff a colorful, inquisitive, cheery features writer; and three other fine journalists, Wendy Nielson, Dave Kennard and Anne Wallace Allen. The Statesman will not be the same without them.

After the announcement Vicki asked for questions. Before the first question, for a moment, a room full of journalists was silent.

I can't imagine what it must feel like for those in newsrooms laying off people in the triple-digits. I am devastated for my colleagues and for the state of the industry.

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