Monday, July 5, 2010

Miss Rowe's wedding

Davin's teacher, Miss Rowe got married this summer, and our family was one of a handful from her class honored with an invitation. She moved to Alaska from California to teach at the beginning of the past school year and she's moving from fourth to fifth grade with her class in the fall. She met her husband at a speed dating event last fall, after nearly chickening out to go shopping at the last minute. She's glad she decided to go, because they've spent nearly every day together since. He's an engineer and she has her masters in teaching. They are a sweet couple and had a lovely event.

They had an anniversary dance there they got all the married couples on the dance floor. Then the deejay said, "If you've been married (X amount of time), please leave the dance floor." It's usually done in increments of years. Instead he announced "less than three and a half hours" for the couple and next up "35 days." Someone must have done the math to send us off with a laugh.

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