Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moving essentials

Today I have five moving essentials/tips as the stack of boxes grows higher in my living room each day. I have pretty much lived in seven different apartments in seven years, so I'm no packing amateur. That sounds like a bad rental history, but really most of it is accounted for with college and living in three different states. I guess that's just a side effect of being in your 20s.
  1. MARKERS: It's easy to think, "I'll remember what's in this box," but 10 boxes later, you might have no idea. So make notes on the top and sides so you and anyone helping will know which room to place the boxes in and which boxes to crack open first when unpacking. Write fragile on those with breakable, so moving helpers (whether paid, or friends promised pizza) will know to handle with care.
  2. PLASTIC STORAGE CONTAINERS: For those things you might keep packed away for a while or stay in a closet such as keepsake, crafting supplies, collections, etc. These are also great for packing fragile items because the sides aren't as easily compromised. I like ones where the lids snap on tightly and the sides are curved into handles so you can pack them full and lift them easily.
  3. PACKING TAPE & BOXES This one is obvious, but it seems I never remember it until I'm ready to tape the bottom of a box. Also, I will NEVER PAY for cardboard boxes now that I know people in retail management and know how many boxes they recycle every week. Check for cardboard recycling bins in the back lots behind your favorite retailers. Stay away from places with no trespassing signs and as always be careful.
  4. YOUR OWN LINENS: Resist the temptation to throw all your towels and linens in a box and seal it shut. Instead, save them for last and use them to cushion your fragile items. Dish towels make a great buffer between plates and bowls. Just be careful to make sure you know where the ones you need right away are. Don't cushion decorations you might keep boxed up with your bedsheets you'll need the day you arrive!
  5. TOTES, BASKETS, ETC.: I can never have too many storage containers. I like to pick new ones out right before a move for packing in and organizing in the new place. Don't let old gift baskets and your own suitcases go to waste by packing them empty: fill them up!

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