Monday, January 24, 2011

Packing up and new beginnings

Josh puts DVDs into a box to wait for the U-Haul Saturday. We spent the weekend sorting, organizing and packing for our move to the duplex this weekend. I always hate this part of the move, and wonder how I accumulate so much STUFF.

But the thought of unpacking, reorganizing and decorating the new place keeps me motivated. I love when you move into a new place and have a clean start and a fresh beginning. It's like starting a painting with a blank canvas or typing the first words on a blank Word document, the possibilities seem infinate. Although this blank canvas already had colorful walls, beautiful floors and tons of shelves.

This box of DVDs is hefty, but I'm glad because we are going to a cable-free lifestyle. Basic cable was included in the apartmet, but doesn't land high enough on the list of priorities to pay for in the new place. We'll be steaming lots of Netflix on the Wii.

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