Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dad's visit and spring's eventual return

My dad was in Anchorage last week for work, and it was also the tail end of Fur Rondy and the start of the Iditarod. Fur Rondy [or Fur Rendevous] is a 76-year-old celebration that marks the coming of spring and daylight in Anchorage. It's named for the days when trappers returned to Anchorage after a winter of work and the town celebrate their return with winter sports and festivities.

We had a wonderful time having company in the new place and hope to be hosting more friends and family in the future. This is a sampling of pictures I took throughout the week around town.
My dad before heading to teach class for Era one morning.
View of the mountains from midtown.
Ferris wheel at the Rondy carnival. I would hate to be stuck at the top of that with 15-degrees and breezy weather.
Me and my boys in our front yard.
Self portrait from the back seat while my dad drove us all back from a trip to the Ulu Factory.
Sunrise on the way to see Davin compete in the Alaska State Spelling Bee.
Davin in the car. One of the few times I have seen him without headphones while in the car lately.
Josh and Davin outside the Ulu Factory near Ship Creek.
Native crafts fair at the Dimond Center Mall.
Mask for sale at the Native Crafts Fair.

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