Monday, March 7, 2011

Media Monday: Is Gannett re-branding in poor taste?

Gannett is launching a major re-branding effort today with a new label "A Gannett Company" on all it's publications mastheads. You'll see it on their online sites as well.

Charles Apple has an excellent roundup of the launch including clips from the 100-page re-branding handbook.

His take of the re-branding efforts:
"The timing of all this, though, seems poor. Given continued furloughs and the additional — and perhaps unexpected — layoffs, is this the right moment to spend an ungodly sum of money for a team of consultants to develop a branding campaign of this scope?
I’d rather see the money spent on something that might directly result in better journalism. Something that might benefit the readers."
IN OTHER MEDIA NEWS: Anyone tired of the media cashing in on Charlie Sheen's media meltdown yet? Do you think it's excessive? It's kind of like watching a trainwreck ... I feel the same way about anything Kardashians. Can't. Look. Away.

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