Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fun: What's happening on Anchorage's street corners?

Sadly, people standing on the street corner with cardboard signs is no surprising sight in Anchorage. However, these guys did catch my attention over the past couple days. Forgive the iPhone photo quality.
  1. Josh had his facebook friends participate in a caption contest for the left photo captured at the corner of Dimond Blvd. and Old Seward. I later found our from a co-worker that this locally-known personality is a regular at this corner AND a regualar caller to one of the radio stations. So the deejay's decided to get him the cell phone he's chatting on to encourage his calls.
  2. This is just blocks from my house, at the corner of Minnesota and Spenard, and I almost missed it in my 5 o'clock drive haze. But alas, I looked to the left while waiting for my green and saw this glorious site. I wonder what his story is... Lost bet? You can't see it in the photo, but he's also holding a guitar in his left hand.

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