Friday, September 2, 2011

Ekluna daycation: A hidden paradise with ice cream

Perhaps it was the angle of the sun on one of the last warm summer days or the way the color of glacial melt is oddly similar to that of tropical waters, or maybe it was just my imagination. Regardless, for a brief moment on Sunday, laying on my back on the rocky beach, I closed my eyes and transcended to a tropical beach. Ekluna Lake is not very far from Anchorage, and standing on the beach I was trying to figure out why, why, why we had never been there before.

After taking a hike at Thunderbird Falls, we weren't done with our Sunday afternoon adventure and decided to drive on to Eklutna Lake. We passed the campground, stopped in the day parking and wandered on to the trail, which opened up to the beautiful site below. 

We also discovered the sweetest little ice cream shop, Rochelle's. They offered Alaskan flavors such as Fireweed & Honey and Birch Walnut. They also had classics like oreo and chocolate mudslide, and serves burgers, fries, onion rings and a variety of drive-in style fare.


You might be wondering where I acquired an additional child. If so, he's my son's best school buddy and a regular fixture at the Potter household these days.

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