Monday, February 28, 2011

Media Monday: Rocky Mountain News staff - Where are they now?

John Temple, former editor/publisher/owner of the Rocky Mountain News, has compiled a series of stories on his blog on where the staff is now, two years after the paper's closure. It's an interesting read and fantastic collection of veiw points, reflections and thoughts on how the media industry has changed since the start of the Great Recession. He surveyed the former newsroom and compiled several statistics based on the reponses showing how many have remained in journalism, how many are making more or less than they did two years ago and how many think their quality of life overall is better or worse than before the newspaper shut it's doors on Feb. 27, 2009.

In his main post he wrote:
Perhaps the most surprising finding was that despite the general decline in income, roughly the same amount of people reported that their life was better today than that it was worse. In fact, of those who responded to the question, more said it was much better (12) than much worse (5).
The Rocky Mountain News website is still online, and looks the way it does they day the newspaper closed it's doors.

I don't want to take up much more of you time, because today you might just want to head on over to Temple's blog Temple Talk and immerse yourself in his stories and findings.

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